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I am interested in challenging the notion that culture and nature exist as separate things.


This dualistic framework has led humans to abuse the ecosystems which we inhabit, overexploit resources, and harm each other and the beings around us.


Materials are the basis of my work. Wood collected from creek beds, forest floors, or harvested from overly dense patches of growth connects me to the landscapes where I work, encouraging me to use materials in a way that is healthy for both myself and my environment. Processed materials like steel, aluminum, glass and plastics remind me of the unique ability of our species to combine types of matter into new and beautiful things. 


My furniture and objects are the products of blending, shaping, disrupting and conjoining these traditionally dichotomous groups of materials, and in so doing manifest a more reciprocal framework. By relating the natural environment directly to the body, and using materials in a more symbiotic way, I am suggesting that we exist not as separate entities, but as part of a holistic system.



- "Wood and..." 27th Annual Juried Exhibition: Wharton Esherick Museum. 2021. May 14 – Sept 12, 2021.


-FOG Design + Art, 21POP: Fort Mason Center, San Francisco. January 16-19, 2020.

-Makers Dozen: Hewn SF, San Francisco Design Center. December 5-10, 2019.

-10x7 Popup: Workshop Residence, San Francisco, CA. March 16, 2019. 


-2020 Windgate-Lamar Fellowship 

-California College of the Arts All College Honors Award 2019.

-Marty Streich Emeritus Award 2016.

-California College of the Arts Creative Merit Award 2015


-BFA Furniture Design, California College of the Arts, 2020.

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